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4-Phase Spiritual Workout

1st & 3rd Saturday of Every Month at 2:00pm - 3:15pm

  • Duration Varies
  • 22 US dollars
  • The Holistic Center of Largo

Service Description

Group Session 4 Phase Spiritual Workout with Godian - is a combination of sound therapy, yoga stretching, breathing exercises, meditation & more. This workout routine is designed to make spiritual exercises simple, effective & exciting. Phase 1: Cleanse Sound Therapy & Smudging. The 1st 15 min of the workout we enjoy the sensational aroma of the scents of the day & healing sounds of the day. We are cleansed through the sense of smell & hearing as the aromas & sounds work on our mind, body & soul at a vibrational level. Phase 2: Expand, Contract & Release Yoga Stretching & Chakra pressure points. The next 30 min of the workout we enjoy releasing stagnate energies & stimulating the Chakra points in the mind, body & soul through the movement & flow of the day. Phase 3: Breathe Breathing Exercise & Chakra pressure points. The next 15 mins we enjoy the unique breathing exercise of the day deepening the release of energies & stimulation of the Chakra points with our attention on our spines. Phase 4: Meditation With the stimulation of phases 1-3 our mind, body & souls may enter into a more blissful-tranquil state during meditation. The Last 30 mins we do the meditation of the day anchoring our mind, body & souls into the now moment influencing awareness of our connection with The Absolute.

Upcoming Sessions

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